Sculpture by the Sea Cotteloe 2020

Opening in early March 2020 "Lair II" Will be bigger and better than Lair I. y.


Sculpture by the Cottesloe 2019

''Veiled'' for Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe is inspired by the veiled Marble work of artists such as Bernini and reflects an ongoing interest in negative space.  Fabricated in Aluminium, this work stretches the possibilities and expectations of the material as it creates a delicate work in an otherwise industrial material.

Veiled Back, Clyde Yee2.jpg

Photos: Clyde Yee.

Sculpture by the Sea Bondi 2018

'Lair' for Sculpture by the Sea Bondi in 2018.  This installation made of approxiamtely 20kms of cotton string was inspired by the intriate web of the Sydney Funnel Web Spider.

5.Lair, SxS Bondi 19.jpg